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10 Best Minimalist Wallets [2021]

The popularity of minimalist wallets has exploded over the past few years, with each design becoming slimmer than previous ones. Packing as much as possible into a thin wallet design has become a competition to

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10 Best Smart Backpacks of 2021

Backpacks are handy. There’s no doubt about it. From school to long days at work, having a bag can make life a lot easier. Heavy books or camping gear, backpacks are perfect for transportation. Yet,

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Best Food Dehydrators in 2020

Many people prefer to dehydrate food with food dehydrators over salting or smoking their food. Dehydration doesn’t change the flavor of the food, and the process is far cleaner and more effective. Food dehydrators are

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10 Best Vegetable Slicers in 2020

Are you an avid home chef with a taste for veggies? If you are, you’re going to want the very best vegetable slicers around. Fortunately, some of the best and most affordable mandolines and vegetable

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10 Best Irrigation Controllers in 2020

What is an irrigation controller? An irrigation controller is a timer that operates a sprinkler system. Instead of manually turning sprinklers on at different locations to water your lawns, gardens, or lovely fields of greens,

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10 Best Portable Air Conditioners

Summer is here, and the heat is not messing around this season. Luckily, neither are we. After digging through hundreds of reviews and researching side by side comparisons, we have compiled a list of the

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10 Quarantine Gifts Under $50

Let’s face it, it’s a weird time for most people and being stuck in your house for hours on end doesn’t make it any better. You’re stuck inside and separated from your loved ones, associates,

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Best Home Popcorn Machines In 2020

Popcorn is that sweet or savory snack that’s typically enjoyed when taking a trip to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster movie. Nowadays, however, the need for popcorn doesn’t just exist within the walls

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10 Best EDC Lighters of 2020

Every day or EDC lighters are an essential part of your daily kit, even if you don’t think you have any use for one. While lighters are typically associated with smokers huddling under an awning

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