The 10 Best Wireless Hard Drives of 2020

With the advent of Bluetooth technology, it was only a matter of time before all our peripherals went wireless. Few people, however, anticipated that we might eventually get to the point where hard drives would come without wires too.

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Best Wireless Hard Drives

That, however, is now a reality, meaning that you no longer have to attach a bulky unit to your laptop via USB. Plus, these devices come with a host of additional benefits that make them highly compelling for video editors, as we discuss below.

Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive Storage 500GB

Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive Storage 500GB


Seagate has been in the business of creating quality hard drives for many years. Traditionally, the company focused on churning out HDDs by the thousands at the enterprise level, but it has since moved into the lucrative SSD market.

Many people view Seagate as a follower in this space. But as its portable 500 GB SSD makes clear, it certainly has its finger on the pulse of what consumers need. People don’t want to carry big, black plastic bricks with them. Seagate, therefore, sheaths its product in a red mesh, giving it a unique appearance. It’s only about the size of a matchbox car and looks stylish.

  • Comes with both wireless and wired modes for slow and faster transfer
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Offers 10-hour battery life
  • Data transfer rate capped at 400 MB/s

SSK 2TB Portable NAS External Wireless Hard Drive with Own Wi-Fi Hotspot

SSK 2TB Portable NAS External Wireless Hard Drive with Own Wi-Fi Hotspot


Unlike Seagate, SSK is not a big name in the hard drive world. With that said, however, the company now offers a compelling, industrial-grade external hard drive that offers remote access and doubles as a WiFi hub.

The standout feature of the disc is the large internal 2TB capacity – made possible with HDD technology. It features a large, 3,800 Mah li-ion battery and will transfer up to 300 Mbps which is decent for a disk-based system.

SSK markets its device for people who want a personal WiFi hotspot to backup all their videos and photos on the go. The primary markets are photographers and vacationers who need somewhere they can store vast amounts of data at a moment’s notice. Instead of buying an expensive expansion card, the SSK external hard drive offers a heavy-duty alternative.

Of course, because the SSK relies on old-fashioned HDD technology, it is slower and more temperamental than its SSD rivals. But in exchange for lower performance, you get higher capacity.

  • Extremely high capacity for storing media on the go
  • Long-range Wi-Fi signal
  • Can transfer data between different operating systems and devices easily
  • Relies on old HDD technology which might not be as reliable or robust and newer models

Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB Portable Hard Drive with Built-in WiFi

Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB Portable Hard Drive with Built-in WiFi


The Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB with built-in WiFi is very different from the company’s red 500 GB device. Not only does it look more professional than its counterpart, but it also offers entirely different functions. Seagate sees this product as more of a home hub than a mere external storage device.

You can see the logic behind this approach. A lot of video editors live in homes with lots of devices, but comparatively little storage. Seagate’s Wireless Plus 2TB hard drive is a central hub where people can store their files until they need them, without filling up their small portable devices. Once set up, owners can access their data from whatever device they choose, so long as they have a WiFi connection.

This product could become a competitor to the standard home hub. Users can stream videos from the hard drive from up to three devices at once, making it a viable alternative to regular routers.

  • Stylish, attractive design
  • Functions as both a home hub
  • Difficult to set up
  • Hard to transfer files from your devices to the Seagate in bulk

WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive

WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive


WD (Western Digital) is one of the world’s premier HDD manufacturers. It should come as no surprise, then, that it wants to capture a slice of the wireless external hard drive market. The 2TB My Passport drive is the company’s attempt to do just that.

WD didn’t just want to create a wireless hard drive for the sake of it. They wanted something that would meet the practical needs of the type of people who genuinely need these devices. A lot of thought, therefore, has gone into this product.

The first thing the company did was design and build a robust exterior chassis that could cope with life outside. They needed something strong enough to withstand hiking, camping, and adventuring. For this reason, the WD comes with a reinforced plastic chassis designed for rough conditions.

The second thing that they did was invest in a quality, long-life battery that would allow users to use the product all day long. In fact, there’s so much onboard power that WD touts the fact that you can use the product to charge all your smartphone.

If there’s a downside – and it is hard to find one with this product – it is the fact that there is no raw transfer to iOS devices.

  • Fast data transfer rate for 4K streaming
  • An enormous amount of storage for a reasonable price
  • Reliability issues
  • No raw photo transfer to iOS devices

QUWN Portable External Hard Drive

QUWN Portable External Hard Drive


QUWN is a relatively unknown brand in the world of hard drives. Still, its barebones product offers users practically everything that they could want. The product is essentially just a black brick, about the size of a large matchbox and comes with a detachable antenna if you need the extra range.

QUWN touts the drive as a quick-access repository for all your files and media while you’re video editing at home. So long as you have a WiFi connection and a modern smartphone, you can stream movies, access pictures and even play video games. 

Unfortunately, the maximum transmission rate is 300 Mbps, so transferring large files could take a few minutes. What’s more, the device does not support some types of WiFi, meaning that it might not work at all with your router. 

  • A simple design offering wireless sharing of files
  • Multi-screen sharing options
  • High-speed onboard USB port
  • WAN port for commercial applications
  • External antenna sticks out and harms the aesthetic of the device
  • Relies on a generic HDD for storage capacity

LFJNET External Hard Drive Case with WiFi Antenna

LFJNET External Hard Drive Case with WiFi Antenna


LFJNET had a similar idea to QUWN – create a simple wireless hard drive that provides all the features that video editors need to connect their devices and store media. For this reason, the device comes with a host of features, including broad OS support and USB 3.0 compatibility for data transfer rates that are faster than WiFi.

Interestingly, LFJNET sells the interface box separately, so it is mostly up to you which hard drive you use. For people with large data requirements, this is helpful. If you find that your 2 TB drive isn’t enough, you can always swap it out for a more massive 4 GB or 8 GB HDD.

Like the QUWN, the LFJNET comes with an antenna. This feature is helpful for when you want to access your files down the end of the garden, but it doesn’t look great.

  • Swappable hard drives provide a high degree of flexibility
  • Powerful Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to access your files all across your property
  • A large number of connectivity options including USB 3.0 and regular Ethernet network interface
  • You have to install your hard drive manually

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung T5 Portable SSD


Samsung is very much a leader in the SSD space, with its products featuring in top-tier desktops and laptops for many years. Now the South Korean giant is attempting to recreate that success in the wireless market with the MU-PA500B T5.

The T5 comes with blue brushed metal design and the Samsung logo stamped on the front. Unlike the Seagate, you can immediately see that it is a hard drive (and not some strange, new accessory). It comes with UBC type C to A and type C to C cables for maximum compatibility with virtually every type of laptop out there and offers a three-year warranty. Currently, it is the top seller on Amazon of any product in its class.

The read speed on the device is 540 MB/s, and the write speed is 520 MB/s, which is considerably faster than the Seagate. You also get a USB 3.1 Gen2 interface as standard, which means higher overall performance.

  • High data transfer rate
  • The conspicuous design might be a security risk for some

KwiltGo Personal Cloud Storage Device

KwiltGo Personal Cloud Storage Device


KwiltGo takes a slightly different approach when it comes to marketing their product. Instead of calling it a wireless hard drive, they take the view that their device is a competitor to regular cloud storage. And, in a sense, they’re right.

The KwiltGo is a large box that you connect to your router. Once you establish the interface, you effectively get a private home cloud wherever you are, whether in the house, out in the garden or on holiday on the other side of the world. So long as the KwiltGo has power, it will provide you with a service.

The range of storage options is decidedly cloud-scale too. The brand will supply the device with anywhere from 16 GB to 16TB of internal memory.

The primary purpose of the drive is to help people keep their ‘memories safe.? While the regular cloud is sufficient for most people, KwiltGo wants to give you the option of bypassing it entirely. With this product, you can keep all your data in-house, behind a wall of encryption. 

  • Doubles as a private cloud
  • Provides massive, expandable storage for photos, movies and games
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Requires a compatible router
  • Takes up a large amount of space

Buffalo LinkStation 210 2TB Private Cloud Storage

Buffalo LinkStation 210 2TB Private Cloud Storage


Buffalo had a similar idea to KwiltoGo. It too recognized that a lot of people wanted a ?private cloud? and that it could make their dreams come true by providing HDD and WiFi technology.

Undoubtedly, the LinkStation 210 is a heavy-duty unit. But despite its size and enterprise-level appearance, it is surprisingly affordable, making it a good solution for video editors too.

Accessing the device is easy. You don’t need a desktop computer. Instead, you install the LinkStation app on your device and then begin using it, as you might any other cloud storage option.

Buffalo also makes it easy to set up. Unlike many devices in its class, you don’t need to fiddle about with settings or passwords. Just plug it into your router, and it is ready to use by any authorized device.

  • Easy to access from tablets and phones – no need for a desktop computer
  • USB expansion available
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Hard drive included in the purchase
  • Only one drive bay, despite the physical size of the unit
  • Limited streaming speeds

RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750

RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750


Strictly speaking, the RAVPower FileHub isn’t a traditional wireless hard drive. It is, however, a conduit for all your storage devices, allowing you to gain access to them anywhere via your home WiFi.

Let’s say, for instance, that you have removable secondary SSDs in your laptop and desktop. Under normal circumstances, you?d have to fire each one up individually to get access to the files. Using the FileHub, however, all you need to do is hook them up to the central hub and then connect to the WiFi. Once you do that, all the files on those storage devices are now available across all your devices. 

  • Transform your fragmented storage into a more user-friendly setup
  • Connect SD cards, SSDs, and portable hard drives directly to all the devices in your home
  • Does not include any hard drive
  • Must be within 10 metres of your router

What is a wireless hard drive?

A wireless hard drive is just like any other hard drive, except that it uses Bluetooth or WiFi to transmit data. All hard drives serve the same core purpose: to provide persistent storage. Previously, hard drives were categorized between internal and external hard drives. Internal hard drives live inside the computer’s case and use PCIe or SATA technologies, while external hard drives use HDMI or USB. Replace these physical cable technologies with wireless Bluetooth or WiFi, and you have a wireless hard drive. Wireless hard drives are often battery powered, allowing for additional mobility.

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If you’re looking for a wireless hard drive, then you’re spoiled for choice. The particular product you buy, however, will depend on how you plan on using your storage. If you’re at home, we?d recommend the RAVPower FileHub. You can use it as a conduit for your existing fragmented hard drives, consolidating them in one location. If you need storage on the go, then you might prefer the more robust WD My Passport.

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