10 Quarantine Gifts Under $50

Let’s face it, it’s a weird time for most people and being stuck in your house for hours on end doesn’t make it any better. You’re stuck inside and separated from your loved ones, associates, and regular encounters. You want to connect with someone and brighten their day to help them through this lonely, confusing time. Maybe this person is suffering the novel coronavirus and is self-quarantining. Maybe there’s an occasion to be celebrated but visiting isn’t an option right now.

Whatever the case, the distance makes this time harder, so you want to send them a gift. If you want to get the right thing but are not sure what’s appropriate, this guide will help!

What is a Quarantine Gift?

A quarantine gift allows you to connect with someone or brighten up their day without having to break the CDC’s social distancing recommendations. They range from funny, to mentally challenging, to a new hobby. These gifts can be creative or simple, and they can really help someone get through quarantine. A quarantine gift may be something to help people pass the time, something that entertains them and brings a change to their mundane, uneventful day. 

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Ten Affordable Quarantine Gifts

Whether it’s a digital gift or a physical gift, these are all safe and helpful amongst social distancing, self-isolating, or quarantine. After researching what others are drawn to during this time, we’ve found these are ten great quarantine gifts, all under $50.

#1 – Amazon Firestick

Remote Control and Adapter for Amazon Firestick

Easy, affordable, and all you need is WiFi and a TV that has an HDMI port. Amazon’s Firestick offers Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, ESPN, and many other streaming options. It’s an easy “plug and play” set up that allows you to plug it in, connect it to WiFi, and be set up and watching within minutes. A downside of the Firestick is that is can overheat and interrupt your viewing until it cools off.

#2 – Posture Cushion

Those of us that are still working corporate desk jobs are now working from home and likely don’t have the best ergonomics. This BackJoy SitSmart Fabric Posture Cushion can be used for any chair and helps to correct posture. It has a gel-infused memory foam that reliefs tailbone and back pain. Some people don’t like the feel of the stiff plastic, and it doesn’t work for all back pain. However, if you’re looking to give a quick solution for a temporary at-home office, this is a great affordable option.

#3 – Webcam

With work, school, and social life all being virtual during this time, a webcam is now an essential item. This Mimoday Webcam has a built-in dual microphone with universal capability, and has an easy, plug-and-play installation. It clips onto a desktop or laptop and rotates 360 degrees. There are some reviews stating poor-quality and unclear directions, but out of over 300 reviews, this product is rated 3.5 stars, which is pretty good for its affordable price.

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#4 – 9 Herb Window Garden

This 9 Herb Window Garden is a great starter kit for anyone! No yard is required, and it offers 40 pieces in the kit, with 9 reusable pots that have a drainage hole and drip trays, and 9 packets of different herbs. The only things that are needed separately is soil to plant them and daily watering. It’s easy to set up and is a great value, but as with any garden, some seeds may not sprout. 

#5 – Emergency Food Cookbook

As many of us discovered, the grocery store can be intimidating or even infeasible during quarantine. Crowds swarmed the shelves and things ran out quickly, which is why The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes To Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving meals is a perfect quarantine gift. This provides information for beginners and a refresher for experts on how to properly cook and store food for weeks or even months at a time until the chaos passes.

#6 – Cards Against Humanity

A beloved, appropriately inappropriate classic: Cards Against Humanity. This is not a game for innocent minded people and is best played with mature minds who are comfortable with R-rated jokes. Like Apples-To-Apples, this is a hilarious way to pass time with house-members during quarantine. However, make no mistake, with the slogan, “a party game for horrible people,” this is not a game for children and has countless explicit phrases and words.

#7 – Snack Care Package

Who doesn’t love snacks? This Snack Care Package of assorted chips, crackers, cookies, candy, nuts, and more, is a perfectly yummy and thoughtful care package. Each snack is packaged and labeled for individual consumption. Chip and snack companies typically only fill half of the bag, and this company sometimes misses a pack or two in the overall package. Also, this exact package isn’t customizable. Nonetheless, it’s offered at a comparable cost to others but has over double the snacks.  

#8 – Soap Making Kit

Creative, fun, hands-on, and appropriate for almost any age, the Sentophere Spa Lab kit provides everything needed to make home-made soap, gels, and bath salts. It is a great way to pass time during quarantine and, once complete, it is the perfect, subtle instigator for a relaxing bath. Keep in mind, if this is intended for kids, prepare for close supervision and a potential color-dye mess.

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#9 –Bodyweight Exercise Cards

Pack of Cards for Exercise Activities

Movement is probably at an all-time low, which weakens the immune system, muscles, and mental health. This exercise card set is an easy way to get the body moving and heart rate up without any equipment or much skill. The cards are large for reading, are easy to follow, and include a guide to help customize different workouts. Among the 50 exercises, each body can be targeted with good variety, but this is not the card set for those wanting to build large, bulky muscles.

#10 – Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle is a great simple way to spark creativity and lightly exercise the mind. With so much free time during quarantine, we recommend this more challenging signature collection, Dreamy Positano, 1000-piece jigsaw. Half of it has vibrant, easy to match colors, while the other half is a gradient blue that poses a greater challenge. Unfortunately, as with many puzzles, there is the occasional issue of pieces missing, which can be a frustrating discovery. 


Quarantine has proven to be a difficult time for most and gifting one of these amazing quarantine gifts is sure to make it better. Not only are they all under $50, but each one can also be delivered within 2-business days using Amazon Prime.

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