10 Best Minimalist Wallets in 2020

What is a minimalist wallet?

A minimalist wallet is the newest fashion trend you should be following. Gone are the days of large, bulky leather wallets that lead you to cram anything from old ticket stubs to expired credit cards rather than the items you need. A minimalist wallet is small, compact, and forces you to be economical about what to take with you; in many ways, it’s the answer to the constant headache from an overcrowded wallet.

Today, we’re going to look at the 10 best minimalist wallets on the market. By the end, The Tech Cove wants you to understand the pros and cons of each of your choices. 

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Chelmon Front Pocket Wallet

Serman Slim Bifold Wallet

FIDELO Minimalist Wallet

Are you unsure if a minimalist aesthetic is right for you? Let The Tech Cove explain why you should trade in your old wallet for a sleek minimalist design! 

ROSSM – Fiber Carbon Wallet for Men


This fiber carbon wallet made by ROSSM combines a sleek aesthetic with tested durability. This wallet stands the test of time and doesn’t wear out nearly as fast as other traditional wallets. Like many wallets we’ll review today, it comes with RFID blocking and solid construction.


Compared to other minimalist wallets, we thought this one fell on the smaller side of the spectrum. Being slightly small, you’re limited on the number of cards you can fit in it, and it’s sometimes tricky pulling out individual cards. 

FIDELO – Minimalist Wallet for Men

  • Pros

 One of the more lightweight models we’ll be looking at, the FIDELO Minimalist Wallet combines a light construction with a secure design. RFID-blocking technology and its magnetic clasp add extra security you usually don’t see in a money clip type of minimalist wallet. 

  • Cons

Being so lightweight, it may be easy to damage. We also had some gripes about how hard it was to retrieve a card, which is somewhat to be expected with such compact wallets. However, the lever for releasing cards is tricky to use. 

Hammer Anvil – Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


This wallet is such a great callback to the traditional tri-fold wallet, being made of genuine leather and designed to hold cards and cash similarly. It’s very sleek, and its leather design keeps it extremely lightweight compared to wallets that use metal interiors for their money clips.


There’s no added security for money, no clip. There’ve also been disagreements as to how well their RFID technology blocks signals. Like tri-folds, you’ll need to stretch the leather in order to cram more cards into it, but that might leave you with the exact same problem as before. 

SERMAN BRANDS – Slim Bifold Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Quite possibly the most traditional-looking of all of the wallets we’ve seen, it’s a bifold arrangement that has a separate section for your ID. While medium-priced, it comes with a 12-month warranty, which is a good safety to have since it’s made of genuine leather.


This wallet is more fragile than most, which could be because of its design; leather and really slim. It can wear down very easily, so you should be handling it carefully. 

Chelmon – Front Pocket Wallet


Probably the best option for its low price, the Chelmon minimalist wallet is the slimmest we’ve seen, and it comes with a lot of desirable features like an ID window and large card slots. It is incredibly lightweight, even among slim wallets.


You get what you pay for, and it shows in this wallet. The material is sturdy but prone to fraying and stretching more than you would prefer. 

Buffway – Slim Minimalist Wallet


This is a fantastic middle ground price for a wallet that is arranged so neatly. The material is very soft but keeps cards and cash snug.


While the material is soft and feels pretty sturdy, the seam work is somewhat loose and prone to breaking apart completely if you overstuff. This wallet forces you to be the most conservative. 

RUNBOX – Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip


Sporting a money clip in the center of its bifold, the RUNBOX Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip is a happy medium between those who want a more secure money clip, and those who want a traditional-feeling wallet.


The material is very thin, which is odd, given how sturdy the exterior of the wallet feels. The card slots are especially fragile, and it’s easy to push your credit card straight through the slot if you are not careful.

TRAVANDO – Money Clip Wallet


Travanado’s Money Clip Wallet leaves little to be desired given how it combines all the great things about a money clip with all the positives of a minimalist wallet. The wallet is extremely durable and has stood the test of time for months.


It feels very thick. The money clip adds extra bulk and weight, which feels unnatural for its size. Its dimensions are much longer than most, and it can sometimes feel harder to arrange in your pocket for that reason. 

Zithali – Money Clip Wallet


With seven whole card slots for you to use, the Money Clip Wallet from Zithali gives you a lot of options for carrying your cards. It also boasts an impressive lifetime warranty, something that sets it apart from those that only offer 12 months. For having a money clip as its base, it is far slimmer than other wallets where the clip adds extra bulk.


There is little to dislike in the Zithali other than the risk of treating it like your old trifold wallet and overstuffing it again. With seven card slots, it can be easy to fall back into your old habits.

Vemingo – Slim Front Pocket Wallet 


Vemingo’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet is a match made in heaven for frontpocketers, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Despite holding up to six cards, it remains slim and compact. Also very durable, lasting for months without any loose threads. 


The money clip doesn’t feel very secure, which is a critical con when a wallet markets the clip as being a major selling point. While it can hold a good amount of cards, the money clip’s fragility may make you think twice. 


Inspecting wallet

If you’re ready to jump on the minimalist aesthetic bandwagon, these wallets are the cream of the crop for first-time buyers. The best part of a minimalist wallet is how it not only improves comfort but also rewires your thinking towards more conservative card habits. Being limited in your choices really does wonders for reducing stress about losing cards, stuffing as much as you can, and the additional clutter that results. 

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