10 Best EDC Sling Bags of 2020

The crossbody sling bag is a modern tweak of an old idea, a simple and easy way of wearing a comfortable bag on your back, slung over one shoulder most typically. And there’s a whole lot more style to it which make it perfect for travelers, hikers or general daily tasks. Many sling bags have pockets and a diverse array of materials. Let’s take a look at ten sling bags found on Amazon and which make the best investment.

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LC Prime Sling Bag

Osprey Daylite

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger
LQArmy Tactical Sling Bag Day Pack Military Rover Shoulder Backpack Small EDC Molle Assault Range Bags for Everyday Carry Out

LQArmy Tactical Sling Bag Day Pack Military Rover Shoulder Backpack Small EDC Molle Assault Range Bags for Everyday Carry Out

This bag is large, it can certainly fit a lot in. Made for the extreme backpacker, hiker or something who is on the hunt for a large and durable bag that is comfortably worn and is incredibly military styled, making this a functional and practical choice for the outdoors.

The LQArmy Tactical Sling Bag is sized at 12.5 * 10 * 6 inch (H*W*D). It will happily carry 9.7 iPad, small notepad, keys,wallet, cell phone, flashlight, gloves, bottle of water, chargers on a daily basis – it is a generous size and boasts many facets which include, clips, loops, pockets and dividers which means that is is a great choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and need to carry many essentials. It can also be worn in separate ways, including the option to configure it to a chest pouch, tactical pack or  to Hand Carry, which means that it suits anyone’s individual needs and styles. Made of durable 600D polyester and will wipe over easily which means that it is very serviceable and looks good and sturdy. 

5.11 Tactical Rush Moab 6 Sling Pack Messenger Bag, Water-Resistant, Customization Sling Bag, Style 56963

5.11 Tactical Rush Moab 6 Sling Pack Messenger Bag, Water-Resistant, Customization Sling Bag, Style 56963

The Tactical Rush Moab is incredibly practical. Its color, sandstone, is both simple and attractive and with one one strap means easy placement and wear. Made from purely 1050D nylon, this bag comes with a range of features, including additional straps which can be used to tie around the waste if this is preferable.

The size of the bag is not huge but should fill out well with any essentials needed. It is 10.5″ high by 9″ wide. It is lightweight and durable as well as an easy to wipe over material, the nylon is snag resistant and should wear well. It is waterproof, so it will not soak in water and damage any valuables inside. The clips can be used for keys or any other type of essential. Every day and very operational there is plenty to like about this bag; with the compartments, you can be assured that there are places to keep your valuables safe as well as enough space to fit a tablet and phone. Although it may not fit a larger sized laptop, it may well house a smaller compact laptop that folds away. There is a place for your phone on the shoulder strap to slot it inside.

LC Prime Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Unbalance Gym Fanny Backpack Sack Satchel Outdoor Bike

This bag provides a large amount of visibility with its eye catching lime green detailing which is incredibly vibrant. Perfect for hikers, for visibility in bad weather or when hiking through any treacherous terrain, it creates an element of safety and security.

Relatively large, the bag itself can house a number of items, water bottle, a Samsung Tablet or iPad as well as a designated area for medical supplies, phone, purse, keys, MP3, first aid gear, pens/markers, food bars and is well built for weight despite its lightweight feel. Made from Nylon, it feels light and airy and for an overview of size its dimensions are 7.1? x 3.5? x 14.6?. Again, this bag is incredibly flexible and functional and is able to change into a chest or hip bag and can be carried however you desire. It can be used as a gym bag also but makes for great exploring also, which makes this multi-purpose and comes complete with clips as well as a small clip cord across the front pockets which adds much stability and security over zippered pockets of the pack. Keep items safe and you do not have to worry about them as you go about your daily tasks. The satchel strap is adjustable and padded, to make it longer or shorter depending on the bag’s usage which makes this a great choice, especially for those who want to use it for many usages.

Sling Bag for Men Crossbody Shoulder Sling Backpack Waterproof Chest Bag with USB Charging Port 9.7 Inch Small Casual Daypack

Sling Bag for Men Crossbody Shoulder Sling Backpack Waterproof Chest Bag with USB Charging Port 9.7 Inch Small Casual Daypack

Named the man’s crossbody bag, it states that it is a waterproof and durable bag solution for men due to its black color, but it is easily a bag that can be utilized by all. This crossbody bag has been carefully crafted to ensure that it is both water-repellent and tear-resistant by using 1680D double-pile polyester fabric.

It uses double sided zippers which provide adequate security and to ensure they do not slide open and that no items inside are lost. It is sleek and elegant and the cool part about the bag is that it boasts its own charging socket, so you can charge on the go. The bag itself has two main compartments which should fit a tablet, phone, and other essentials, as it is relatively large. The dimensions of the bag are  7.9?x 6.7? x 12.2? and it is incredibly comfortable boasting thick padded straps, which are breathable. Keep your hands free and look stylish also, this may not be the most durable bag in this set of reviews but it certainly does have a great look and is built incredibly well to remain sturdy and practical. 

Maxpedition Entity Tech EDC Sling Bag (Small) 7L

Maxpedition Entity Tech EDC Sling Bag (Small) 7L

This fabric bag, made from Nylon is a small version of a larger bag in the same style but this is a compact and comfortable choice.

The color charcoal makes for a durable and reliable color, but the fabric itself is quite delicate, and may need additional cleaning, however it is believed that the product is in fact water repellent, which makes this a big hit. It is multi-purpose and can be easily changed from a standard sling bag to a shoulder bag when necessary. The front compartment has enough to house a small iPad or tablet as well as an 11? laptop, and has organizer pockets to ensure that nothing is lost or falls out as you travel. The padded straps are comfortable and should take the pressure from your shoulders. The compartment at the front shall keep your iPad or tablet safe and also in addition to this, it boasts two very handy lockable zippers which are incredibly good for those who are traveling on busy transportation systems and are worried about theft. The two way access adds the seal of security and it is incredibly lightweight at just 1.6 pounds. 

Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bags for iPad Tablet Outdoor

Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bags for iPad Tablet Outdoor

There is plenty of detailing on this bag. It is a very noisy design with plenty to offer. Large, durable and with a touch of style, the colors add an extra dimension of style, with the Nicgid logo in plain view. It makes for the perfect travel bag, it is lightweight, water-resistant and made from Nylon.

The padded straps make this bag easy to wear and light on the back, despite its size. The dimensions are 8.3? x 3.9? x 11.8?. Again this can be transformed into a chest pack or a shoulder back, and a messenger bag, which is made for any size person, it is easily adjusted to ensure that it is comfortable. The large compartment houses a smaller section for valuables and will house a laptop or tablet well. On the front alone there are three zip pockets which are great for little essentials and there is a eraphone hole connected to the outside. It is great for hikers because of its durability and strength, and is slim and good quality.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Rover EDC Sling Pack

Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Rover EDC Sling Pack

This sling pack bag (Coyote), is a thick, durable and large bag that is available in the sand color and a range of other colors including blue and orange for added style.

The bag is made from 100% 600D polyester and is reinforced with criss-cross weaves throughout which make this a stronger bag for your needs. Made for the outdoors, this bag is going to stand the test of time, with four compartments, for all needs including safety, as well as a snap closure concealed in the back panel for your more personal possessions and of course an adjustable strap to wear as you choose. It is a larger and heavier duty bag in comparison to some of the others mentioned but this bag is still light weight at just 1.6 pounds. The dimensions are 8?x 6? x 12? and will carry quite a lot of essentials and will fit at 11? laptop but nothing much above this due to its size. Rugged and stylish, this bag would be great for outdoors travelers and those who need to transport supplies easily. 

Osprey Daylite EDC Shoulder Sling Bag

Osprey Daylite EDC Shoulder Sling Bag

While Osprey may be renowned for more delicate dainty bags, they also make a range of sling bags in different sizes. This one, hence the title, is made for the daytime; making it a comfortable and simple choice for an everyday bag.

Made from Nylon, the strap on this bag is thick and incredibly padded for comfort. With the large and famous Osprey logo on the front, it is stylish and possibly not made for lots of outdoor travel but will make a good every day bag and even light hiking bag if you take the right essentials. This bag’s dimensions are 15? x 8? x 5 inches and the weight of the bag is a mere 8 ounces. It has a mesh organizer and key clip, a standard feature which will house your phone as well as a multi-function sleeve which will allow you to slot in your water bottle. The straps can also be interchanged with other bags in the Osprey line too, but overall a well made bag, but it may not be the most practical for more heavy duty trekking. 

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Liter Anti Theft Sling Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Liter Anti Theft Sling Backpack

A simple, modest black sling bag, this Pacsafe has protection at its core, hence its name. This bag comes with something known as anti-theft design, which is complete with Lockable Zippers and Cut Proof Materials made of a steel mesh which will protect your valuables inside.

It should fit all the necessary essentials including an 11? laptop. In addition to this, there is an RFID blocking pocket where you can keep credit cards or licenses safe, this is an original anti-theft brand, so if security is paramount when purchasing, then this could be a contender. Made from Nylon, this bag’s measurements are 12.6″ x 7.9″ x 2.8″ and the weight is 1.18 lbs a little heavier than the other bags but is incredibly durable, water resistant and the material is treated to make it easy to wipe over. It should fit nicely to all plane carry on bag sizes and is complete with padded straps for comfort. Perfect for many types of adventure, travel and business, the plain black design makes it an all round sling bag of choice.

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger EDC Sling Bag

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger EDC Sling Bag

The Maxpedition Lunad Gearslinger bag has some nifty features, including elastic organizer loops, which will allow you to keep things neat and functional; as well as a drainage grommet.

This bag is a versatile edc bag that comes in a plain black design. A relatively large bag, the main compartment size of this bag are 12? x 8? x 3? and is slightly tapered towards the top. The bag has a slip pocket at the front which could be used to keep travel documents or any types of slim essentials, with a rear pocket for your valuables, there is a standard zipper closure also which adds to its security. 

Overall, each bag has something to offer, but it depends upon your tastes and needs, but either way, there is a sling bag for everyone.

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